Publications by E. J. Thompson


Most of these are out of print now, though the odd one can be found in open sources online such as Project

Gutenberg. Some of them are being reprinted by POD pubishers in the USA, which mass-scan out-of-copyright

volumes. The quality of these can be very poor.



Damascus Lies North

The Other Side of the Medal

The Youngest Disciple (Hb & Pb)

The Leicestershires Beyond Baghdad

Introducing the Arnisons

John Arnison

John in Prison

So A Poor Ghost

Crusader’s Coast

In Araby Orion

Burmese Silver

An Indian Day

The Youngest Disciple

Night Falls on Shiva’s Hill

These Men, Thy Friends

A Farewell to India

Beyond Baghdad with the Leicestershires

Lament for Adonis



The Knight Mystic

O World Invisible (Anthology of Poetry, compiled by)

The Knight Mystic and other poems, 1907

Benn’s Augustan Poetry (Pamphlet)

Collected Poems 1930

The Soldier’s War (EJT et al)

Waltham Thickets

Vae Victis

Mesopotamian Verses

Poems, 1902-1925

Via Triumphalis

The Thracian Stranger



Sir Walter Raleigh

The Life of Charles Lord Metcalfe

Robert Bridges



Rise and Fulfilment of British Rule in India (w.Garratt)

Ethical Ideals in India Today

The Making of the Indian Princes

Rabindranath Tagore, Poet and Dramatist

Rabindranath Tagore, His Life and Work

The Reconstruction of India

Reconstructing India

A Letter from India

A History of India (Benn’s 6d)

Enlist India for Freedom

Robert Bridges


Bengali Religious Lyrics (w Spencer)

The Curse at Farewell. Tagore, translated by EJT



You Have Lived Through All This



Three Eastern Plays (w Theo)

Last Voyage (with Theo)

Plays and Pageants

Krishna Kumari


The Enchanted Lady

Saul, a Drama

Essex and Elizabeth



Anthology of Verse for Indian Schools

Handbook of English Prosody for Indian Students



"India's Prisoner": A Biography of Edward John Thompson, 1886-1946 by Mary Lago -

University of Missouri Press, 2000


A Difficult Friendship: Letters of Edward Thompson and Rabindranath Tagore 1913 - 1940 by Uma Das Gupta - OUP India, 2003


Alien Homage: Edward Thompson and Rabindranath Tagore by E. P. Thompson - OUP India, 1993