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Frank Thompson

1920 - 1944

Frank Thompson was Edward Thompson's older brother. He volunteered for the army early in the war and, following a number of overseas postings,became part of the British Special Operations Executive (SOE). In 1944 he was sent to liaise with the partisans in Bulgaria, where he was captured by the Bulgarian authorities and executed. The story has been recorded by historians of the period, both in Bulgaria and Britain, and he is the subject of a recent biography. There is a village in the Svoge municipality in Bulgaria named after him. He left behind a small body of poems, the best of which were collected in a volume in 2003.

Polliciti Meliora


As one who, gazing at a vista

Of beauty, sees the clouds close in,

And turns his back in sorrow, hearing

The thunder-claps begin.


So we, whose life was all before us,

Our hearts with sunlight filled,

Left in the hills our books and flowers,

Descended, and were killed.


Write on the stones no words of sadness -

Only the gladness due,

That we, who asked the most of living,

Knew how to give it too.